Getting Started

A TrustedForm Certificate is a collection of all the information necessary to document a consumer's interaction with a lead generation form. If the consumer submits the form it becomes a lead event. Certificates have a limited time to live (90 days for lead events / 3 days otherwise). During this time API requests can be made to them to store a viewable copy of the certificate in your account, retrieve data related to the lead event and more.

If you are a publisher or lead generator looking to create TrustedForm Certificates view Implementing TrustedForm Certify for instructions on how to add our SDK to your lead generation forms. The API is intended to be used by lead buyers or aggregators who interact with the leads you create.

Step 1: Make sure your leads have TrustedForm Certificate URLs

If you are already receiving leads, you need to make sure that a TrustedForm Certificate URL is included as part of the lead data. This will ensure that you are able to use our products as soon as you sign up. If you are purchasing leads from a third party source ask them to sign up for TrustedForm Certify and implement it on all their sources. If you are generating your own first party leads then consider using the Auto-Retain method instead of the API.

Step 2: Get an ActiveProspect Account or upgrade your existing account

You can sign-up for a self-service account here or contact sales. If you already have an account but have not yet added payment information, make sure to do that now otherwise your account will not be authorized to make API requests. Self service accounts have limited functionality and access to support. You are encouraged to use the self-service option while exploring or if you have a only want to store a small number of certificates each month. Otherwise a sales director will be best able to offer you a more customized solution to meet your business needs.

Step 3: Set up your API request and monitor the response

You will need to use or build a system which can make API requests on your behalf. ActiveProspect offers LeadConduit, a lead optimization platform which can be configured to do this without any technical knowledge. Otherwise, consult your LMS, CRM or other similar systems to determine if they have this capability. Use the API documentation for specifications on how to perform the actions you desire and use Trustedform Certificates. The API response will include an outcome property that should be used to determine whether or not to accept leads. If the outcome is success that indicates there are no concerns and the lead should accepted. If the outcome is failure you should manually review the lead and/or reject it. The process for lead rejections should always be neogotiated with your lead provided beforehand. If the outcome is error you should review the response, fix any issues with your request and retry as appropriate.

Step 4: Review your certificates

If you opted to retain copies of TrustedForm certificates in your account, make sure to visit the Certificate URL in your browser while logged into your account and review them for accuracy. Watch the session replay and report any issues with the content displayed to the source of the lead. If there are any technical issues submit a report to our support team.