Ping/Post Lead Distribution

Ping/Post is a model for lead distribution where a seller sends a subset of information about a lead (often only age, gender and/or zip code) to a network of buyers who then place bids for that lead. The seller then selects a buyer(s) as the winner(s) and sends them the entirety of the lead’s information. The bidding process is referred to as the ping and the process of sending the complete lead information is referred to as the post.

When a seller sends data on the ping it is important to avoid sending personally identifiable information (PII) that a buyer could use to identify and contact that lead so that they remain incentivized to bid on it. By following the steps described below, sellers can ensure that buyers do not have access to any PII while enabling them to use TrustedForm to receive additional information about leads that help them set their bids.

Sellers: How to allow use of TrustedForm on the ping

As a lead seller, you should provide potential buyers with a TrustedForm Ping URL during the bidding process. The Ping URL is a URL designed specifically for use in ping/post auctions which can prove that a TrustedForm certificate exists and gives buyers the information they need to inform their buying decision, without divulging PII / contact information. When provided this URL, buyers will not be able to view the TrustedForm certificate or session replay.

Website Publishers

If you own/manage a website with a lead generation form you must first implement the TrustedForm Script. Once implemented the script will add a hidden field named “xxTrustedFormPingUrl”. The value of this field should be sent to your potential lead buyers.


If you acquire leads that include a TrustedForm Certificate URL but not a Ping URL you will have to generate a ping URL by making an API request. The API response will include a “url” property that should be sent to your potential lead buyers. If your leads do not include a TrustedForm Certificate URL you must request that the entity which generated the leads begin to supply this to you.

Buyers: How use TrustedForm information on the ping

When using Trustedform on the ping you are able to preview some of the information collected by TrustedForm to help you evaluate the lead and set an appropriate bid price. To do so you must request that your vendor(s) send a TrustedForm Ping URL with the standard subset of lead data sent on the ping. Once received you will have to make an API request to retrieve data on the ping and process the response using your pricing service.

What information is available

The data available to you on the ping will vary depending on which TrustedForm product(s) your account has access to but can include the following about the lead:

  • Certificate Type
  • Page Scan
  • Lead Verification
  • Lead Age
  • Event Duration
  • Browser Type
  • Device Type
  • Operating System
  • IP Address
  • Website of Origin
  • Parent Website (if a form is present in an iframe)
  • Certificate Creation Date & Time
  • Approximate Geolocation (Based on IP Address)
  • Typing Speed
  • Copy/Paste and Autofill Usage


During Bidding: Use a Ping URL to protect PII while supplying useful information.

After Purchase: Use a Certificate URL to pass PII and documented consent.