TrustedForm from 30,000 Feet

TrustedForm is a tool marketers, sellers, and lead buyers use to document consent and comply with regulations such as TCPA, CASL, and others. For publishers (i.e. lead seller), TrustedForm documents consumers interactions with your web forms, mobile apps, and Facebook lead ads making your leads instantly more valuable. For lead buyers, buying leads that are backed by TrustedForm will give you confidence, knowing that as such, you have documented consent when you reach out to consumers.

It begins with a form...

When a consumer fills out a form, whether on the web, a mobile app, or even Facebook, TrustedForm captures that interaction, typically known as a Certificate or "Cert". At the beginning of the interaction our system creates a unique identifier, called a Cert ID, identifying that interaction. We use that Cert ID to associate everything meaningful about the interation together, and it's also what lead buyers will use to "claim" interactions.

...and ends with a claim

At any point during a consumer's interaction or after, a lead buyer can "claim" the Cert. They can do so in one of two ways:

Once a lead is claimed, everything that's needed to document a consumer's consent is bundled up and stored for a minimum of five years.

This is what a Cert looks like

When you view a claimed Cert, you can expect to see something like this:

Cert - Certificate Tab

You can clearly see the Cert's metadata on the Certificate tab. Here you have access to information about the consumer's device, time of visit, what page they saw, and how long they spent on it.

The Screen Capture tab is a sort of replay of the consumer's visit, while the Event Log captures the specific interactions in a log-style format.

All of this information is part of the TrustedForm consent documentation process.

Where do I go from here?

If you're a publisher looking at TrustedForm to document consent on your site so you can sell leads, your next step is to check out our "Getting Started" guide for publishers. If you're a lead buyer planning to claim Certs using TrustedForm, your next step is to read the "Getting Started" guide for lead buyers.