TrustedForm Guidepost

TrustedForm is designed to help both lead buyers and publishers have confidence in the leads they manage. For publishers, we make sure to capture every identifiable piece of information about the lead (including page interactions, geolocation, device information, and more) so that you can be confident knowing your leads you sell are compliant with the TCPA. For lead buyers, when you claim a lead, we compile everything about the consumer's experience you'll need to prove they gave consent, and then store it away until you need it.

For Publishers

If you're lead publisher, all you need to do is install the TrustedForm script on the forms you need to ensure are TCPA compliant. The following guides will show you how to do it:

For Lead Buyers

To "claim" a lead from a publisher, you must either set up your flows in LeadConduit to do so, or use TrustedForm's Claim API. In the case of the latter, you just need the Certificate ID and your accounts API Key. This guide explains everything you need to know: