Claiming a certificate will allow you to verify its legitimacy, view it online, access its data via our API, and refer to the snapshot that was taken of the page as seen by the consumer, for up to 30 days. And you can easily configure your account to keep certificates for as long as you like, for a small additional fee.

Claim Period

The "claim period" is the time in which a TrustedForm Certificate must be claimed or extended by a TrustedForm Account holder. If it's not, it will expire.

  • The standard claim period is approximately 72 hours (3 days).
  • The extended claim period is approximately 2,160 hours (90 days).

Within the claim period, TrustedForm Certificates are visible to anyone with access to the TrustedForm Certificate URL. After this period, TrustedForm Certificates are only accessible by the TrustedForm account holders that claimed them.

Extended Certs

By default, Web Certs have a 72-hour (3 days) window in which they can be claimed. This window is automatically expanded to 90 days if we detect the form's submission.

If you have need to extend Certs beyond the default 3-day window, you have a couple options:

  1. Cert check-in
  2. Enable extended claims

Cert Check-in

ActiveProspect provides TrustedForm Check-in to allow TrustedForm account holders to extend the claim period of certificates beyond the standard claim period. Checking a certificate in extends the claim period without the need to either claim the certificate or have "Extended Claims" enabled on the publishing account.

Enable Extended Claims

When you enable extended claims, Certificates you claim will automatically be extended and available to be claimed up to 90 days.

Reach out to your account representative to enable extended claims.


The TrustedForm Ping API is meant to be used by lead buyers purchasing leads using the "ping/post" model. This API gives buyers access to that data with the intention that it will be called when the buyer is evaluating a ping request from a seller. The buyer can then use the returned data to set an appropriate bid price.

Comparison to Claim API

The Ping API does not replace the TrustedForm Claim process. The Ping API cannot be used to verify or store consent for TCPA compliance. It does not support page scanning, fingerprinting, replay, or certificate storage.

Please refer to the Getting Started with Claiming for details on claiming a certificate.

Other information